Where have I been? Have you missed me?

Last week I returned from a cruise along the Danube. It was as magical as I had hoped it would be. The scenery was stunning and every time we stopped we visited medieval walled towns, cathedrals, castles and ancient monasteries
Our first stop was at Nuremburg. A city famous for its World War II connections, but a now restored beautiful medieval city and well worth visiting.  We followed this with a visit to Regensburg.  I had never heard of this town but wow, visit if you can.  Its walls are still complete and much of the architecture has an Italianate feel, truly beautiful.

 We went on to Passau and then to a very wet and cold Vienna.

The weather is Vienna was awful and we didn't see the city at its best as we dashed from cover to cover. However as we sheltered we were lucky enough to see some of the Lipizzaner horses coming out for a training session.

The weather improved the next day for us to enjoy the Schonbrun in all its glory.
 The most  memorable place though has to be Budapest. I knew very little about this city and I was stunned by its beauty. Both during the day and at night it is a city of outstanding wonder.  The architecture is amazing and most of it has now been renovated and cleaned back to its original state. The bridges that cross the Danube are in themselves pieces of art.

We certainly plan to return here  for a longer stay and to explore further.

 I can only post a few photos on here to give you a glimpse of these wonderful places, If you scroll down my facebook page you'll be able to see a few more. https://www.facebook.com/carol.warham. Of course, if you visit my home be prepared to sit through hundreds of photos!

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