A First Time for Everything.

Hello and welcome to my first ever blog.
In fact this is a week of firsts for me.
I've been intending to write a blog for some time and have finally got around to it, so all being well this is one first for me.
The second first (if you understand me) is going on my first protest. It wasn't a march more of a standing around. Our local hospital, the Huddersfield Royal Infirmary, is in danger of being closed. I won't bore you with the politics but needless to say I and many others feel very strongly about this. We went to a meeting at the local stadium but along with many others were locked out when the small meeting room was full.

The crowd were good humoured and friendly if somewhat noisy, but then their intention was to be heard.

My next 'first' was nothing earth shattering but I found very interesting. I joined the local WI.

No, I don't see myself as the next Calender Girl! I was welcomed to a friendly and informal meeting. Yes, we did sing Jerusalem but there was not a pot of jam in sight,  There was, however, plenty of home baked cake.  Our local WI is a large and thriving group.

So, my writing. Where am I up to on that?  My novel 'Resolution' is in the throes of edits, deep and cutting edits. I'm finding it harder than the actual writing of the book. I know some writers love the editing stage. I'm afraid I find it a little soul destroying at the moment. Hopefully that will change as I grow into it and gain more satisfaction from seeing the novel develop.

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