The Quietest Time (Derwentwater)

 It is early in the morning, the quietest time.
A mist blankets the water, shrouding it from me.
The watery sun cannot yet penetrate this velvety cover.
Ghostly wings break through when, without a sound,
ducks rise and fly across the lake

A craggy outcrop sits up high, with a tree-hidden
bench on which to sit and gaze and gaze and gaze.
I can hear the lapping of the water below, where
flowers are trapped and bobbing amongst the rocks,
in memory of others who have loved this place

Dew makes a sparkling cloth on the grassy path.
The air is still damp and without warmth.
There is nothing but the grey and silver.
No insects are awake to buzz or dart about me,
I am quite alone in a silent, still and soft land.

The quiet is broken by the call of a gaggle of geese
returning for breakfast.
Soon hoards of people will arrive to admire this view.
They will break the surface of the water with dipping oars
But for me, for now
It is early in the morning, the quietest time.

RESOLUTION - A few snippets and their (summer time) locations.

"Her heart pounded and her breath came in short, irregular gasps as she arrived at the hotel. An ambulance waited outside with its blue lights flashing. Grabbing the hand rail Ben hauled himself up the steps two at a time and sprinted inside."  

"Once they were out on the quiet moorland road, he eventually spoke. His voice was almost a whisper. "I lied to you. I did try to ring you but I didn't want Savannah to know." "

" "There’s an old inn, not far from here. Why don't we get some lunch?"
Within a few minutes Ben turned into the car park of an old thirteenth century inn. It perched on top of the moor with sweeping views around it. Carly caught sight of a reservoir, as the weak winter sun gave a slight glitter on water, at the bottom of the valley.

She smiled in appreciation. “This looks lovely. I bet the views are stunning in summer.” "

 "As they entered the inn, she was charmed by the mullion windows, which faced the valley, giving diners a superb outlook. The walls were covered in horse brasses and old sepia photos of the inn in the past couple of centuries."

A Busy Time

It's quite a while since my last blog. I've been very busy dashing around. My main trip was to the wonderful city of Edinburgh for the Festival and the Tattoo. After a week of glorious weather we were disappointed to hear rain and cool winds were expected for our time in Scotland. However we were fine. Although grey and cloudy it managed to stay dry for most of the time, we only got caught in one heavy cloudburst, but dried off in a very nice teashop. Here are some photos from our stay.

 I really enjoyed our trip to see Britannia at Leith, just a few miles outside of the city. It was interesting to see how the 'other half live'.


Not so much personal writing done whilst I've been away.  I'm still busy reading books submitted for the Romantic Novelists Association Romance Novel of the Year. I'm also reading short stories for the Hysteria competition.  However, our small, local writing group held a creative writing competition for children who live in the village. We were supported by the local Co-operative store who kindly donated the prizes. They also pay the rent for our room in the village library. Here am I with Mark, the store manager and 5 of our 7 winners

 And yes, there have been many comments that nearly all of them are taller than shorty me.

Meet Paul Smith

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