Yeardon - the location for Resolution

Yeardon is loosely based on a small market town near where I live on the Pennines in West Yorkshire.

Here are some of the locations where scenes are based. You will notice that my photographs have been taken in the middle of summer. I'm afraid that's because it is much easier to get around here than in the depth of winter when the story of Resolution is set.

This is the lane leading to the moors, along which Carly is walking when she bumps into Ben walking the dog.

While walking along she remembers how much she misses the moors when they are a mass of purple heather
She invites him to go with her to the local fair, which is held behind the library and up these steps.
The view from high.

Getting around in Yeardon on foot can be quite a challenge with many steep cobbled lanes, which can be very slippery when icy or wet. The town is situated on the Pennine Hills and quite hilly in places.

Maggie's cottage is on one of the many picturesque terraces overlooking the valley
The Novel

I've been asked on a few occasions how the novel is coming along. Well, not too bad actually. It's been re-written about four times and edited umpteen times.
Thanks to the generosity of my dear friend Paula Martin who has edited, proof read, given lots of advice and made invaluable suggestions. All the time working on her own novel, the next one in her 'Irish Series' Irish Deception. This is going to be a fantastic read. Go and have a look at her website.

Back to Resolution. After Paula had put me on the right track and I added her suggestions and took out the padding or unnecessary scenes - the odd tear was shed here - the book was ready to be formatted in the hope it will be digitally printed in the not too distant future. I had 'typed' the manuscript in a pretty old-fashioned way, the way I was taught to type. This, of course, is not suitable for digital publication.

I've had a play with a photo and paintshop, plus a lot of help from a friend. Just trying to give myself an idea of what it could look like one day.
It is now with my beta readers and waiting for their comments is very difficult. I know they will be honest with their opinions and thoughts, so long as they are gentle!

I have also written a brief blurb, not quite a synopsis.  So if you're interested here it is.

Carly Mitchell returns to the small town of Yeardon in Yorkshire almost a year after running away on her wedding day. Now she wants to try to make amends with Steve, his family, and the townspeople who had prepared a huge party to celebrate her New Year’s Eve wedding.
She intends to stay only for a few days at the Resolution Hotel, owned by Steve’s parents. However, her plans change when Steve’s father is taken ill, and she feels obliged to step in and help with running the hotel. This also means having to deal with Steve’s antagonism since he has never forgiven her for humiliating him.
Another more pleasant complication comes in the form of Ben Thornton, the local doctor, to whom Carly feels an immediate attraction. They enjoy getting to know each other and falling in love, until a famous model turns up in the town, and monopolises Ben.
At the same time, Steve attempts to get his revenge on Carly by driving a wedge between her and Ben, and by threatening to reveal what he knows about Ben’s troubled past unless Carly leaves town.

The resolution lies in Carly’s hands as she struggles between wanting to flee from the town again and wanting to stay with the man she has grown to love.

What do you think?

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