15 minutes of fame?

Here I am outside the BBC studios in Leeds. You may well ask what am I doing there?  I wasn't too sure myself at the time.

Andrew Edwards hosts an afternoon show here from 12 -3pm.  Part of his show is the Big Yorkshire Book Club. He has invited local councils to join him and pick the book of the month.  This month was the turn of my council Kirklees.  They requested volunteers for names to go in a hat. The winner would choose the book and go along to talk to Andrew on his show.

Not wanting our little library to miss out, I put my name forward, never for one single second expecting it to be drawn out. It was!

I was joined by Elaine Berry from Kirklees, who kindly came along to hold my hand and give me support.

On arrival at the studios, we were met by Katy Lambert who took us through and looked after us very well.  Anyone who supplies me with a cup of tea is immediately my best friend. Everyone was friendly and very welcoming. They soon had us relaxed and laughing. When it was our turn to go into Andrew's studio we were joined by Phil Caplan who runs an independent bookshop in Roundhay, Leeds.He brought along a selection of books to discuss.

I talked about the book my local group were about to start reading, The Bletchley Girls by Tessa Dunlop, The blurb says - an indepth picture of life in Britain's wartime intelligence centre. The women of Bletchley Park tell their story - War, Secrecy, Love and Loss. Hopefully some of the listeners will get hold of a copy and join us in reading it. Why don't you?

Andrew kindly asked about my own book, Resolution. I explained that I am busy with the revision suggested by the publisher. As soon as those are finished I will be re-submitting it to them, with fingers and everything else crossed.

The most exciting part about this is hopefully at
the end of this month, Andrew and his team will broadcast his show from our library.  It does depend on whether they manage to get a signal there and an engineer is coming to check.
We've only recently gained a reasonable internet signal and the mobile signals vary enormously here,  More fingers crossed!
Thank you to Andrew and all the team for an enjoyable afternoon, It was fascinating to learn what goes on behind the scenes,
I hope to welcome them to Shepley very soon.



  1. So glad it all went well for you, and also that you managed to plug your own book too. Now, once it's published, you can contact Andrew again. Oh, and you sounded great on the radio - very confident and articulate. Well done!

  2. Thanks Paula. It must have sounded better than I thought! My tongue kept getting in the way of my teeth - or vice versa!

  3. Listened to your chat on the show Carol, was really interesting and made me want to read the book that your group had chosen. You sounded like a pro, no rogue teeth or tongue detected!

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  5. Thanks Trish. I'm about to start reading the book as I have only just finished reading for the Romance Novel of the Year. It was a very interesting experience and good fun.

  6. Wow, a celeb now.
    I'm well impressed.


  7. Thanks Marian. I wouldn't go that far! I am looking forward to Monday though when the radio show will be coming from our village library - should be interesting! Thanks for dropping by.

  8. Well done, Carol - and great you got to mention your own book too.

  9. Thanks. I also had a phone interview whilst I was away on holiday. I have just returned from our village library where the show did their first ever outside broadcast - a coup for our village and library!


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