We are Sailing - Sydney and Halifax Nova Scotia

There was so much to see, particularly in Halifax, Nova Scotia, (and I took so many photographs) that I'v decided to split this blog into two. I'll concentrate on Sydney, Cape Breton and the Maud Lewis exhibition in Halifax's Art Gallery of Nova Scotia.

The first thing you see on disembarking is the worlds's largest violin.

Sydney Cape Breton, is a small community, proud of its Celtic heritage. We could have gone on a number of nature trails, but decided to have a more restful day and explore the town. However I soon found a house to interest me and explore.
Cossit House Museum was the home of loyalist and rabble rouser Rev Ranna Cossit, his wife Thankful and their ten children. The house was built in 1787 and is one of the oldest surviving houses. Costumed guides give a fascinating insight into life as it would have been.

We left Sydney to sail onto Halifax. One of the main places I'd hoped to visit was the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, to see the Maud Lewis exhibition. If you've never heard of her, and I must admit I hadn't until recently, she is well worth your interest. You can find out about her life here.

 A few of my photos from the gallery

Maud's small home
Maud at work.

Next - Halifax.

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