We are sailing. Third port of call - Portland and Kennebunkport

Longfellow's home
Our cruise continues. We should have called at Newport, Rhode Island. Although conditions at sea were calm, the island was experiencing quite a storm. As we had to tender there it was decided (by the Captain) that we could not stop. So onto Portland and Kennebunkport.
We didn't stay long in Portland, Maine, but we visited  the home of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.
Our main objective was to go to Kennebunkport.

I'd heard about this place and really wanted to see it. It's the quintessential New England small town - quite beautiful.

It was a lovely day and we strolled around admiring the sights and eating ice-cream.
The Bush estate
One of the sight to see here (with some difficulty!) is the Bush family estate. It is on a small peninsula with houses for thefamily and the security agents. What a place to live!

Typical house
Kennebunkport was lovely. A marina, lovely homes, quaint shops, beautiful flower displays, and full of tourists!

Just like us!

As with many of the towns preparation for Halloween was well underway.



  1. Looks lovely. My grandson would love one of those yachts - and I wouldn't say no to the 'typical house' (as long as I had someone to clean it for me!)

  2. Same here. I loved the style of houses - the coloured clapboard and the porches.

  3. This is somewhere I’d not heard of before, it looks really lovely.

  4. It became famous during the Bush administrations as their home (estate!) became known as the Summer White House and world leaders used to visit and stay there. It was just how I imagined it - very pretty.

  5. It's such a disappointment when you have to miss a stop – even when there are good reasons for doing so. I hope the places you do call out are making up for it.

  6. It was disappointing as I particularly wanted to visit some of the Kennedy connections there. However it was not to be and I loved all of the other ports. Thanks for stopping by Patsy.


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