On my travels part 2. Kiel Canal and Warnemunde.

The regal wave to the crowds who gathered to watch our ship enter the lock which would take us into the Kiel Canal.
It took us about eight hours to cruise the canal.  I didn't take many photos as it was mainly heavily wooded on both sides and it rained all day!
However it was an interesting experience and one we had on our 'to do' list. We've visited the Baltic twice but each time it was on a ship too large to go down the canal.

The first thing that greeted us, on arrival in Warnemunde were these barrel organ players. Something I hadn't seen since childhood. In fact they were on every street corner.  The town was filled with music. It is a lively, busy spot and the weather was excellent.
Der Alte Strom (or Old Channel) reminded us very much of Nyhaven in Copenhagen. it was lined with bars, restaurants and shops. We especially liked the boats, moored alongside, selling fish and chips.  Warnemunde is now a port call for the larger ships going into the Baltic. Many passengers take advantage of a trip to Berlin from here.  I've been to Berlin a few years ago and was glad I didn't miss this intriguing place.
 It was originally a fishing village and still has many of the charming fishermen's cottages.  There are lovely squares and back streets to explore.
Warnemunde used to be in East Germany and was a popular holiday spot then. You can see why.
It's coast line is the Baltic and it has the most amazing, huge beach.  The sand is dotted with thousands of the towns trade mark wicker basket sun lounges. They spread out in every direction. Along the long promenade, it was busy with stalls and fairground attractions. There was plenty to eat and drink if you needed it.
The Neptune hotel was pointed out to us, as of particular interest.
Apparently during the time of the 'Cold War' it was a popular meeting spot for spies and double agents and the like. How true that was I don't know, but its an interesting thought.


  1. Looks like you had a very interesting trip Carol

  2. It was very interesting and quite surprising

  3. That's a wonderful beach! Warnemunde sounds like an interesting and attractive place

  4. My photo couldn't do the beach justice. I hope it gives you an idea of how huge it was.

  5. I love the Baltic area – not least because my husband proposed to me on a Baltic cruise. We sailed down the Kiel canal on that trip and enjoyed the experience.


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