Out of Africa 4 - Kruger National Park - On safari

sitting and dining area
This was the most amazing part of our African experience.  The park is huge, around the same size as Wales. We stayed on the Imbali Game Reserve. There are twelve lodges on the reserve, plus a central reception, lounge and dining area. It is beautiful.
Our lodge
The stunning central areas
Our gorgeous room
Bath with a view!

  A dry river bed separated us from a water hole where we saw elephants every day coming to drink.
Twice a day we went out in the jeeps. The first start was 5.30 in the morning, returning around 9am for breakfast. For the rest of the day we were at leisure. The second safari was at 4pm until around 7pm when we returned for dinner.
Once dark we were escorted to and from our lodges, as there was always a chance of leopards roaming around.
elephants come for a drink

Our guide, Bradley, looked after us very well. His knowledge of the animals, the information shared, the humour and fun was second to none. 

Every morning he would set up a table, (plus cloth!) to serve teas and coffees. Every afternoon he would do the same but this time there was a choice of wine, beer, G&T, or whatever you wished.
Bradley serves the tea and coffee

There were nineteen of us all together and we divided into two jeeps. We all got on extremely well, lots of banter, sharing photographs and living an amazing adventure.

Always ready for a cuppa

We saw many animals, so close, it was unbelievable.
Not a Zebra crossing but a giraffe!
The Imbali Pride, about 18 of them

Beautiful Impala.


  1. Unfortunately my photos don't do the animals justice. The giraffe, zebra and impala were so elegant and beautiful. The lions and elephant were magnificent.

  2. Oh wow. Amazing. Would love to see before it all goes. When my middle brother is working in SA he often sends photos of having breakfast with the wild-life feet away. Envious...sort of. He says they are safe when they have eaten....right!


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