A jolliday in Lincoln. Part 2

Lincoln Castle is a fascinating place. It was originally built by William the Conqueror in 1068. It is a place of Kings and Convicts.  Henry VIII and Catherine Howard visited here in 1541 and stayed at the Bishop's Palace, where so many Kings also stayed.  It is said that during their visit to Lincoln Catherine met with Thomas Culpepper and their fates were sealed, both would be executed a year later.

It is now possible to walk the full length of the medieval curtain walls.  This gives a fine view of the town and an impressive view of the cathedral. One of the towers, known as Cobb Hall, held the dungeons for condemned prisoners. They would be taken to the top of the tower and there publicly hanged.

 The executed prisoners, both men and women, were buried by Lucy Tower, in unconsecrated ground. Their graves can still be seen.

The Victorian prison is a very interesting place. You can wander around the cells and get a true feel for life within these wall. Here, they practised a separation system, where prisoners were kept isolated from the corrupting influence of their fellows. This was even applied in the chapel, where each prisoner was kept out of sight of any other. It still has an austere and atmospheric feel to it.

From here we went on to see an original Magna Carta, which is kept at the castle. However, we were to be disappointed. The document cannot be kept on view all the time. It obviously needs to be carefully tended and protected. It was explained to us that it had gone for a much needed rest in a darkened room. I know the feeling!

Unfortunately, I was not able to visit the Bishop's Palace either, as it was closed for restoration.


  1. I've only seen Lincoln Castle at Christmas Market time, when it is heaving with stalls and visitors. Maybe one day I'll get there at a different time of year, and explore it properly!

  2. It's lovely at Christmas, the market is huge and extremely busy. It is worth seeing Lincoln at any time.

  3. Yes, I've been to the Christmas Market too. We went one year on a coach and managed to persuade Dad to come too! It was a really bad night with a thick freezing mist. We went into the cathedral to get warm and took the girl's shoes and socks off to warm their feet on a radiator, quite near Kathryn Swynford's tomb if I remember rightly!

  4. I wonder what Kathryn Swynford would have thought! Lots of bare tootsies by her tomb!

  5. I love castles! Haven't been to Lincoln yet, but I have seen the Magna Carta at Salisbury.

  6. Fortunately I also saw it at Salisbury, but I was with a friend who was disappointed.
    If you ever get to Lincoln on your travels I think you will really enjoy it there. Thanks for visiting me here.


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