Where do you write?

I have recently returned from a Baltic cruise. It was a fabulous holiday, of which the high spot was St. Petersburg and Catherine The Great's fabulous blue and white palace.

While touring the palace, snapping away, my interest was piqued by some of the writing desks on show.

These desks are from the days when writing was an art and letters were written daily. I think to day we are in danger of losing that art as so few of us actually 'write' letters.

I do occasionally write long hand and recently used a gift voucher to buy myself a good pen, a Cross, rather than any old freebie pen which seemed to end up in my bag from hotels etc.

Of course, many of our greatest writers sat at their desks writing long hand, Charles Dickens and Jane Austen to name but two.

 At least with my laptop, or which ever device you favour, we have the ability to move around the house and garden at leisure and continue writing. Dicken's desk looks very elegant and yet comfortable. I can't believe Jane Austen wrote such masterpieces (in my opinion) when sat at such a small table.

The Bronte sisters all sat around the dining table when writing. I believe when they wanted to discuss things or read aloud they would all stand and walk round and round the table.

So I can hear you asking.  I think I can hear you asking. Where do I write? Sometimes I'm on the patio, in good weather, sometimes in the kitchen when it's cold. Generally, as now, I'm here.
So where do you write?


  1. What a lovely tidy desk you have - and what a great view of fields and trees, too. I'm in a corner of my study with a view of the backs of houses and some trees, and a glimpse of traffic on the M60!

  2. Thanks Paula. Generally my desk is quite tidy, although don't forget I knew I was going to take a photo! I'm lucky to be overlooking the fields and can watch the local wildlife and changing seasons.

  3. I start at my dining room table (eating). Then I either move outside to my deck in the nice weather, or into my family room on the comfy couch. Love your pictures!

  4. Thanks Jennifer. I think I'm eating and drinking where ever and whenever I'm writing!

  5. To be honest, not doing too much writing at the mo but usually sitting on the settee in our lounge, with my laptop on my knee! However, hoping I may get some opportunities to write with a seaview soon, which could mean either longhand or laptop depending on where I place myself!

  6. Fingers crossed. Lots of inspiration where you are! x

  7. I write anywhere. I write in longhand onto various notepads and then transfer it all to electronic copy. The computer stuff I can do at my desk or I can do anywhere on my notebook/switch.


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