Home and Away

I've been away.
We've had a family holiday, together with our daughters and grandchildren. Here are a few clues to where we've been.

We had a wonderful time with fantastic weather.  Everyone enjoyed themselves but particularly 12 year old Matthew, who discovered a passion for white knuckle rides!  5 year old Lily lived the magic every single moment. She shed a few tears when it was time to come home.

A few days before we left for Florida I had some exciting news.

 My book, Resolution, was accepted by a publisher.

It will be published by www.tirgearrpublishing.com, 
hopefully in early August.

I signed the contract before we left. On our return I have been busy supplying the details they needed for the front cover, dedications and acknowledgments.

It's a great feeling after all these years. It has been on the back burner for about four years until I looked at it again. I've been doing lot of hard work editing and re-writing it over the last twelve months in particular. So cross your fingers and I'll keep you informed about the process.

We are all looking forward to a sunny and warm summer - well, we live in hope!



  1. Lovely to go on holidays with grandchildren.
    And what great news about your book. You are truly inspirational Carol. I don't suppose it will ever be me...

    1. Thanks Marion. If I can do it anyone can....really. x

  2. Icing on the cake, Carol. So pleased for you

  3. Carol, it is a lovely blog and a fab set of photos too. Congrats on your contract too. Just wonderful. God luck.

  4. Great way to celebrate the acceptance of your novel!

  5. Congratulations.
    The photos remind me of our trip there when the children were little. What a lovely time to be away with the family sfter your good news. :-)

    1. Great for children but exhausting for adults! :D

  6. Enjoy the feeling! Well done for persevering. I sometimes think that's all an author needs!!


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