RESOLUTION - A few snippets and their (summer time) locations.

"Her heart pounded and her breath came in short, irregular gasps as she arrived at the hotel. An ambulance waited outside with its blue lights flashing. Grabbing the hand rail Ben hauled himself up the steps two at a time and sprinted inside."  

"Once they were out on the quiet moorland road, he eventually spoke. His voice was almost a whisper. "I lied to you. I did try to ring you but I didn't want Savannah to know." "

" "There’s an old inn, not far from here. Why don't we get some lunch?"
Within a few minutes Ben turned into the car park of an old thirteenth century inn. It perched on top of the moor with sweeping views around it. Carly caught sight of a reservoir, as the weak winter sun gave a slight glitter on water, at the bottom of the valley.

She smiled in appreciation. “This looks lovely. I bet the views are stunning in summer.” "

 "As they entered the inn, she was charmed by the mullion windows, which faced the valley, giving diners a superb outlook. The walls were covered in horse brasses and old sepia photos of the inn in the past couple of centuries."


  1. You will have to draw me a map! I want to go there. Lovely pics.
    Thanks for the teaser, can't wait to read it.

  2. We'll just have to organise ourselves and take a ride out. It's about half an hour from where I live.

  3. Really? Then let's put it in the diary. I could do with an uplifting tour of Resolution's setting.
    Comment by Moody cow.

  4. Great idea. We'll get those diaries as soon.

  5. Love how you used your photos to illustrate your snippets.

  6. Thanks. Hopefully it brings the book more 'to life'.

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  8. Can't wait to read it all Carol! Let me know when the Resolution Tours start!

  9. Whenever we manage to get together!


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