Yeardon - the location for Resolution

Yeardon is loosely based on a small market town near where I live on the Pennines in West Yorkshire.

Here are some of the locations where scenes are based. You will notice that my photographs have been taken in the middle of summer. I'm afraid that's because it is much easier to get around here than in the depth of winter when the story of Resolution is set.

This is the lane leading to the moors, along which Carly is walking when she bumps into Ben walking the dog.

While walking along she remembers how much she misses the moors when they are a mass of purple heather
She invites him to go with her to the local fair, which is held behind the library and up these steps.
The view from high.

Getting around in Yeardon on foot can be quite a challenge with many steep cobbled lanes, which can be very slippery when icy or wet. The town is situated on the Pennine Hills and quite hilly in places.

Maggie's cottage is on one of the many picturesque terraces overlooking the valley


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    1. Thanks, I walked miles to get them and most of those miles were vertical! I'm sure the exercise did me good although I was gasping for a drink afterwards.

  2. Fab photos and a great introduction to your novel. I love using photos as a visual notebook and to help the story come alive. :)

    1. Thanks Jane. I'm just in the process of submitting the novel and hoped the photos will generate some interest and as you say 'bring it alive'.

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  4. Looks like a lovely setting Carol. Good luck with the novel! xx

  5. Looks like somewhere I might know ...

  6. Very picturesque! Lot of luck...


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